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E. W. Funk / R. Hinderer / C. Tils / N. Winter

C. M. Boger´s General Analysis - A Guide to Practice -

ISBN: 978-3-9822318-1-5 / 978-3-9822318-2-2

180 p., Paperback / Kindle-eBook

Price: Paperback 15,00$, eBook 9,99$

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Since the rediscovery of C. M. Boger´s ingenious short-repertory "General Analysis" in the early 2000´s and its rapid entry into homeopathic practices, seminar participants and GA users repeatedly expressed the desire to the lead-ing figures of Boger research for a thorough introductory work especially for working with the GA.
Although there were good introductory texts on the concept of the GA, such as didactically prepared case collections, commentaries on various rubrics, instructions for working out rubric meanings and excerpts from historical dictionaries, etc., these insights and helpful hints, which are important for the beginner, were scattered over many different publications and were not con-ceptually or coherently integrated into one single body of work owing to the historical development of the interpretation of Boger´s work.
However, the fact that such a work is being published in the form of the pre-sent book also required a further impetus, which came from Andreas Holling´s seminal analysis of Boger's work (and the resulting personal contact to Boger pioneers like Elmar W. Funk, Rolf Hinderer and Norbert Winter). Holling, who has always been very connected to Africa, immediately recognized the enor-mous practical relevance and variability of the Boger GA and set himself the goal of contributing to the spread of homeopathy in Africa by making Boger known there. To carry out this project, a practical English-language introductory book seemed indispensable to him. This should on the one hand contain case histories on the basis of which the beginners would understand and could practise with concrete examples based on the basic principles of Boger's spe-cific case analysis. On the other hand offering practical tools that facilitate the understanding of the rubrics, support the conversion of the information gained in the case into the language of the GA rubrics as well as being helpful in the differentiation of content-overlapping rubrics.
The book that you are holding in your hands was written based on the above list of requirements, it was first published in German and now is supplemented with this English edition. The leading authoritative figures of the German-speaking Boger adaptation of the last 20 years, Elmar W. Funk, Rolf Hinderer, Christoph Tils and Norbert Winter, could be won over to the project.



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